Is Winter the Best Season?


Image by Pixabay via Pexels

This debate has been going on as long as the four seasons have been named: is winter really the best season? The answer to that is yes, winter is the best season.

Now, everyone might argue that winter is the worst. I mean, there is the horrible cold weather, the sniffles you hear walking past everyone… and not to mention how when winter hits, everyone all of a sudden misses summer. But everyone tends to focus too much on the negatives to even see the positives.

Just to list a few, the clothing. You can wear as many layers as you want, and are able to put together so many  cute and cozy outfits. The whole vibe of the season. From the body scented fragrances to all the holidays. 

Think about it – Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s. Some of our favorite holidays to celebrate and enjoy are in winter. Winter revolves so much around these holidays.

All I am saying is that winter isn’t as bad as everyone makes it seem. There are positives and negatives to winter of course. Just like the other 3 seasons, but just take a nice long look at winter and think. Is winter really that bad?