Why Do High School Students Cheat?


Image by RODNAE Productions via Pexels

High school is often very stressful, leading to an increase in students’ cheating habits. Although it’s not morally right, students sometimes feel it’s the best decision. This is for many reasons: stress, fear of failure, laziness, and procrastination are among the most common. 

The COVID-19 virus, has also played a huge role in cheating recently. COVID had a huge impact on the educational system and a lot of academic slack was given to students in all schools. In turn, high school students are now more prone to cheat because of this leniency. Students were virtual and under little surveillance which allowed them to collaborate with other students and easily get answers. 

The fear of failure tends to be a contributing factor as well. Some students would rather cheat and get a good grade than do it themselves and score badly. Even the best students do this. The fear of a 50 or a failing grade eats them up more than the fact that they cheated. Cheating may lead to a better score – but the reality of it is, it’s not your score! It may be the easiest way to avoid the fear of failure, but cheating has heavy repercussions. 

As high school students, expectations are high. There’s an expectation that no high school student will cheat and that all work submitted is the student’s own work. As a result, the consequences of being caught cheating are severe. A student may receive a failing grade or worse. Privileges, like participating in a sport or club, could be revoked. It’s also possible that it will be put on a student’s school record that colleges can see in the future. 

Students may believe that cheating is in their favor at the time but the reality is it’s completely against them! As previously stated, there are severe consequences if caught cheating and colleges may even reject a student if it’s on their record! The majority if not all colleges have zero-tolerance policies for those that are caught! 

To any high school student who procrastinates and stresses, cheating may seem “easy.” But as clearly shown, it’s not suggested whatsoever because it in fact can and will make your life harder if caught!