Is Christmas Coming Too Soon?


Image by Gary Spears via Pexels

By Isabella Yures, Staff Writer

Jingle bells are starting to ring, but some people aren’t feeling so jolly. Society has mixed views on how early is too early for Christmas preparations.

Many people think when Halloween ends, the Christmas season begins. But to contrast that, many wait until after Thanksgiving. Others wait for the first of December, when the advent calendar starts. So, what is the correct answer?

Although I believe celebrating early is entertaining, there is no “right answer.” The Christmas magic will begin whenever you are ready to get into the spirit. That said, waiting until other holidays start to end might be nice. But – it’s up to you!

When are you ready to start the Christmas preparations? We all know that Mariah Carey’s ready. She’s been defrosting all year long. So, even though practices begin at different times for each family, everyone is welcome to celebrate the 25th together without worry. Let’s make Christmas 2022 one to remember!