The Importance of Being Open With People


Image by Helena Lopes via Pexels

It’s not easy being vulnerable or expressing your issues to someone else. However, it can be very important. Opening up can help you gain perspective and possibly help in resolving issues you’re dealing with. Sharing our experiences can also eliminate feelings of isolation. By staying closed off, we’re denying ourselves the chance to speak our mind and feelings. Start small and as you get comfortable, reveal more about yourself! 

What does it truly mean to be open with people? Well, it means to literally be open to communicate with other people. When something is bothering you, communicate that. When you’re feeling any type of emotion, communicate that within reason. It’s the complete opposite of ignoring everyone and having the mentality, “I’m fine, I can do this on my own.” Everyone needs somebody at one point or another. That doesn’t make you any less strong. 

As previously expressed, there is nothing wrong with being reserved or guarded. But, this can hinder one from getting close to others. Being open with others can create opportunities and make an individual more optimistic. There are so many benefits to opening up and having connections. Some of these include achieving personal growth,  gaining new insight, and learning new things. These pros cannot be achieved without being open-minded and actually speaking to other people!

As much as I enjoy a good solemn day with my lonesome and the airpods in my ears, it gets old. And fast. Even if one is shy and timid. Or even anxious and worn out. Another perspective or even someone to just speak to can work miracles. When you’re closed off and inside your own head, the overthinking is bound to happen. It’s mentally beneficial to be more open! 

It’s hard for all of us to break out of our shells and take that first step. Especially, if you’re very closed off. But it’s important to break that shell so that you can grow to your true potential. Start with the little things. Instead of responding with a “yes” or “no”, make it a long response with intentions of continuing the conversation. It’s not expected for you to dump out all your feelings at once. Being open is just allowing yourself to let people in. Humans are meant to help other humans. So let someone help you. Better yet, help someone.