The Debate Over Valentine’s Day


Image by Lil Artsy via Pexels

February 14, the infamous holiday known as Valentine’s Day! The holiday is named after Saint Valentine, a Roman priest in the third century. This holiday is when lovers express their love and affection for one another with flowers, cards, and most importantly…chocolate! It also happens to be one of the top holidays most celebrated! As lovely as this holiday is, there is much debate over it. Is Valentine’s Day a waste or is it a valuable day to celebrate romance and love? 

Some argue that Valentine’s Day leaves people in relationships with very high expectations and excludes single people. Some believe the holiday is unnecessary and simply a “Hallmark” holiday, meaning that Valentine’s Day is very superficial and purely for commercial and entertainment purposes. There is this idea that Valentine’s Day almost promotes loving your partner on only one designated day when you should be showing them the same amount of love every day! It matters not what you do on Valentine’s Day but how you treat your relationship for the rest of the day. 

On the other hand, many people believe that since there are many other holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrated, why not have a day of love? This designated day can allow couples to put everything aside and simply focus on one another. People get to spend the day with the people they love, doing the things they love. It’s a day to celebrate the love and romance in the world! What is wrong with that? Even those that don’t have a partner, can celebrate with their friends with a cute social outing! 

So what’s it gonna be? Is Valentine’s Day worth the time, money, and effort? Or is it a wasted day that just makes people feel even more single? Personally, I love Valentine’s Day! Regardless of your relationship status, it’s the perfect day to celebrate your love even with your friends! Those good ol’ days in kindergarten when everyone got candy and a little card. Now that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about!