Should Parents Track Their Kids’ Phones?


Image by Brett Sayles via Pexels

By Maddison Waitt, Staff Writer

Today’s technology has vastly improved from where it was 100 years ago. This improvement has many benefits, such as making new discoveries in space, advancing in the medical field, and connecting with others across continents. However, some downsides need to be addressed. Almost everything about you is now public information. All it takes is a quick search of your name and people can find your address, social media, and even where you work. This can be a massive invasion of privacy for people everywhere – especially teens.

Not only can total strangers find you anywhere, but so can your parents. While this may be beneficial in cases of emergency, it serves no other true purpose. When our parents were children, nobody could track their phones and find out where they were. Instead, they informed their parents where they were going before they departed the house and left the rest up to trust. I’m not saying that teens should be running wild and sneaking off, but I think our parents shouldn’t have to track our every move. They should have a little faith that we’ll do the right thing. And if we do happen to mess up, then okay, you have every right to track us. But until we do, let us live our lives as you all did when you were younger. There’s no reason to assume the worst of your child until they have given you a reason to.

I myself have never snuck out of the house, have straight A’s, and always respect my parents’ rules. Nonetheless, they have Life360 installed on my phone. If anything, this makes children feel as though their parents have no faith in them. Why assume the worst of us until we have given you a reason to? Besides, making mistakes is how you learn in life, so give us the chance.