Why I Could Use a Snow Day


Image by James Wheeler via Unsplash

By Emilee Bowers, Staff Writer

Every winter, students look forward to having a snow day. They are drained and need one day off to relax from the stress and anxiety that school brings. Snow days have countless benefits, such as boosting immunity, improving happiness, and being able to catch up on sleep. Unfortunately, students have not been given a snow day yet, and everyone is patiently waiting to see if they will get one before the season is over.

The early wake up for school is not enough for a high school teen who’s brain is still in the midst of developing. Given a snow day, students will be given a surplus of time to sleep, which will allow their brain to continue to develop. Without a snow day, teens mental health is severely damaged as there is nothing to look forward to over the course of the long and dreary winter.

Although it has been very cold outside and the weather has not been the most pleasing, students still have not been given one day off due to snow. I know many students, like myself, are tired from school and could use one day to get back on track.

Everyone could use a mental health day, and a snow day is the perfect way to do that. Therefore, if there is not a snow day, students should be given an extra day, whether it be an extra day added to the Memorial Day Break, or ending school early.