Too Early in Time

By Lauren Nagy, Editor

You’d cut your screen time clean in half,

If only you found the right book.

You could write a mile a day,

If only you found the right hook.


Every lost soul would be found, I’m sure,

If they only sought help for their pain.

And winning a marathon wouldn’t be difficult

If everyone ran in the rain.


Unaware of how often we stick to the benches,

Too scared to mess up in the game,

We don’t ask for that shiny new guitar we see,

Though we secretly pine for the fame.


We push till tomorrow, but it never comes,

And, helpless, we plop down and cry.

If you wait all morning to go out, “early bird”,

Your earthworms will surely be dry!


Don’t think that because you’re no longer a kid,

That you have to muffle your fire.

It stays within you, no matter your age,

Growing passion and burning desire.


You’re here for a reason, it’s more than you think,

And your purpose is your own to find.

In a world which spins much too fast, I worry,

Most people stop looking

Too early in time.