Winter Holidays And Celebrations in the Age of the Pandemic


By Mark Khreptyk, Staff Writer

The December of 2020 is quite quickly coming to a close. The new year of 2021 and its corresponding celebrations are fast approaching. Along with the end of the year, 2020 comes with it a lot of annually celebrated holidays happening in the winter. When these holidays occurred in years prior to this one, it was quite more common to celebrate in groups of people. However, with a basically global pandemic occurring (specifically covid-19) and certain social behavior being advised to be done by officials—for example, social distancing—these overall social Holidays may be celebrated very differently this season. It is important to mention that it is indeed good advice that is advised to practice social distancing and to practice wearing masks in many public places due to the pandemic to prevent unnecessary exposure to the virus.

However, some folks may indeed nevertheless gather in larger than advised social events. There will be those though too that indeed will follow the guidelines advised by many during the pandemic, these folks may practice social distancing from other folks during the holidays even possibly when celebrating a special day. Traditional practices in some holidays will nevertheless still be done in some places due to their importance to the people doing them. Though not advised, busy social gatherings that will still occur over the few celebratory weeks will most probably have an effect on the number of folks spreading covid-19, unfortunately.

In an attempt to prevent their students and staff from contracting and spreading the contagious ailment and help them stay safe, the Freehold Regional High School District has decided to (seemingly temporarily) close the physical schools for students. This action paused hybrid classes and redirected hybrid students to go virtual for the time being in the midst and after the holiday season and new year. This action has seemingly and most probably had been done to keep the disease from spreading unnecessarily amongst the people inside and outside the Freehold Regional High School District. The busy and formerly social holiday occurrences this year amidst a pandemic will still most probably be celebrated nevertheless, and in the end, it is overall one’s own choice to decide whether to risk it and gather in quite sizable social events or not to. Have a good holiday season and a happy new year.