Productive and Simple Tasks to Accomplish After Waking Up

Make your bed:

Benefits: Studies have shown that after making your bed in the morning as part of your daily routine, you experience a sense of accomplishment. You are able to have a more positive mindset, and you can achieve a sense of clarity when participating in this practice. While it may be such a little to nothing task, it’s still a productive part of your day, and can also be a better inspiration for when you’re feeling a little lazy. Other studies have shown that when your bed is made, it creates a less “cluttered” appearance to your room, and when your room isn’t cluttered, you have a sense of clarity. Finally, making your bed is a healthy and good practice for anyone to partake in, it’s a small responsibility that goes a long way.

Drink a glass of water: 

Benefits: While many are already aware, water is a source of life, in fact, it is a vital substance that keeps Earth and Mother Nature’s creations alive. While you sleep, your body still has other functions running, while maybe your mind is at rest, other parts are up and active, and this causes the body to dehydrate overnight, especially since the average number of hours a human sleeps is 7-8 hours. So, drinking a glass of water helps to replenish your body’s hydration after a good night’s rest. According to, drinking about a 16oz glass of cold water will jumpstart your metabolism by at least 24 percent. Adding to that, a glass of water will help to flow bad toxins out of your body, as well as creating less bloating, after using the bathroom of course. Water helps to create a full feeling in your stomach, so instead of eating too many carbs or fatties in the morning because you’re hungry, the 3water will help to create a less monstrous feeling of hunger. Drink up!

Meditate for 1 to 5 minutes:

Benefits: Meditation is an excellent healthy practice to relieve stress and anxiety. Especially during these times, meditation is a very relaxing and peaceful practice that allows a calm and collected mind. So, before going to class and taking a test, or knowing you’re about to have a long shift at your job, take a few minutes to gain some peace and clarity in your mind and emotions to keep yourself as a collected and prepared person. 

Read 1 to 5 pages of a book you’re interested in:

Benefits: On a personal level, I absolutely love to read. While I would share scientific facts, I will give some of my own experiences and what reading has positively done for me. You can be going through something, are intrigued to learn something new, such as how to cook or bake, want to live a better lifestyle, etc. Reading at least a little part of a book you’re interested in can help to give inspiration, like I said this is a personal experience, however; I have also seen this with my friends and family members, as well as seeing other people’s experiences with reading just a few pages of a book they enjoy completely giving them a new outlook on life, as well as giving them the inspiration to pursue their own dreams or goals in life. I could go on and on, but a simple activity like this is sure to give you a boost.

Write something or someone you’re grateful for and expand on it later:

Benefits: Being able to recognize what you’re so gifted to have is a blessing. Being thankful and expressing gratitude for the wonderful things you have in life can create a nice sense of humility and empathy in a person. Having such qualities helps to benefit the world and can make a person’s rainy day sunny. 

Read an inspirational quote:

Benefits: If feeling low, or unsure about a current situation you’re dealing with, look up a quote from somewhere. Whether it be a fortune cookie, a citation from your own religious practice’s book such as a Bible, Torah, etc, or even someone’s Instagram bio, a little advice, and guidance will go a long way.

Cleanse your face: 

Benefits: Washing your face in the morning is a good sense of hygiene and leaves your face feeling fresh and replenished. Not to mention, it scrapes all excess dirt, oils, and other bacteria on your face from the night before. Washing your face is definitely a refreshing feeling, especially if you’re having a little bit of a rough morning, it is sure to help to wake up a little and feel better.