A Step Forward: COVID-19 Vaccine


On New Year’s Eve standing in New York and counting down to the seconds of starting 2020, I would have never imagined myself living in a pandemic 3 ½ months later. Now in December of 2020, we are still in the middle of, and constantly learning about, the same pandemic centered around the virus “COVID-19”. Scientists are coming out with new ways to handle and hopefully cure this virus hoping to get our normal lifestyle back in the future. It took them 9 long months but the vaccination is finally here.

Fox News has stated, “Once the vaccination program has been rolled out for a while, the Department of Health would have the authority to mandate vaccination to anyone who can safely receive the vaccine.”  Governor Andrew Cuomo has also announced that the first batch of doses of Pfizer’s vaccine will go to nursing homes for residents and staff next week.   

Many people have asked the question of if they can stop wearing the mask after getting a COVID-19 vaccine. The answer to this question is no. Masks and social distancing will be recommended for some people after they are vaccinated. Fox News has also said that people are expected to get some version of protection within weeks after the first shot. However, they should receive full protection a couple of weeks after the second shot. 

Some important news was announced on CNN politics that should be very significant to the vaccine outcome. Former Presidents George W Bush, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton will be volunteering to get their COVD-19 vaccines on camera. This will show others who are afraid and need the courage that is safe for us to take. 

Hopefully, this new vaccine will allow others to realize that this pandemic is more serious than it is and they should start to think about others and their health more often.