You Should Bake a Cake


Every so often, I wake up and all I can think about is baking. The satisfaction of creating an amazing cake or cookie is one unlike any other. The reward at the end of eating what I made sure to get me in the kitchen!

 Although I may be biased, baking is an amazing task for sweet treats and stress relief. Many people joke and say that they use baking as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety, but they aren’t far off. Many psychologists say that cooking and baking help keep your mind in the present, as you need to focus in order to use the right ingredients and methods. Whether you’re using a box mix or measuring each ingredient, the focus and presence of mind is key to a good recipe. During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have learned how to bake in order to take their minds off the current situations we face. 

Whether you’re baking a cake, cookies, scones, or anything under the sun, it’s definitely worth the time. Not only do you get a delicious treat, but a calming and rewarding experience in the meantime. Baking is truly a wonderful way to relieve yourself of stress and create something fantastic in the process. 

So go ahead, bake up a cake or whatever your heart desires, you can thank me later!