Advice to Rising Juniors


To the Young, Rising juniors,

In September 2019, you entered Freehold High School as nervous, yet excited, freshmen. You entered your first year of high school looking forward to fun adventures, new friends, and rigorous classes. However, that year was cut short.

Now, this fall, you will be re-entering the school as juniors. You may be overwhelmed by the unbelievable, sudden transition and the rumors of the “junior-year stress”, but do not fret! 

From a rising senior to the rising juniors, here is my advice to help make your year to be the most productive, meaningful, and fun.

Start Early — (Try to) Fight procrastination! There is a phrase that has played in my head the entire year: “If you’re going to do something, do it now because you won’t be doing it later.”

  • College- Post-high school plans may seem intimidating, but you can help lessen the stress by taking small steps and starting your research early.
    • Discover your interests/passions- Find what interests you or what you enjoy doing (i.e. hobby, sport, activity, etc.). Perhaps you can apply those skills in a possible major or career.
    • Look at websites of colleges you may be interested in
    • Attend college events (open houses, college days, etc.)
  • Studying- You could try to cram-study the night before, but that isn’t ideal. 
  • AP Classes/Exams- Do the work, watch videos on AP Daily or YouTube that correlate with your course(s), and check out resources such as Marco Learning or podcasts to prepare you for the class.
  • PSAT/SAT/ACT- There are multiple, amazing, and free resources available to help you study for your standardized tests.
    • Khan Academy– Connect your College Board account with Khan Academy for personalized practice tests. Just spending 15-minutes a day to practice can improve your score by the time you take the test.
    • The Princeton Review– TPR offers tutoring sessions and practice tests to help prepare you for the PSAT/SAT/ACT and college. Their YouTube channel also provides advice and recordings of past webinars you can check out.
    • Ray Dass– Dass creates short videos on PSAT/SAT/ACT questions. Whenever you’re struggling with a math or grammar question, or just need advice, tune into his channel for a quick lesson and tips and tricks to ensure you ace that test!

Get Involved! — 

    • Clubs/Activities/Athletics- With more than 20 sports and over 40 clubs and activities offered, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved at FHS.
    • Volunteer- Contribute to your community by volunteering at a local organization or even online. From Habitat for Humanity to Red Cross to tutoring, there are several ways to help out in your community.
    • Get a Job- Whether it’s for experience or money, working can build essential life skills, such as communication or time management, and prepare you for future workplaces.

Take care of yourself — Don’t overwhelm yourself with work and stress! Take some time to relax or to treat yourself during the school year.

    • Read- Whether it’s a paper copy, an ebook, or an audiobook, reading a book can offer many benefits such as lowered stress levels, vocabulary expansion, and a better night’s rest.
    • Hang out with friends- Briefly spend some time away from schoolwork to hang out with some friends!
    • Hobby- Whether it’s photography, art, or even learning a new language, having a hobby can be a fun thing to do during your free time.