Athlete Feature: Jordyn Lynch


I had the privilege to interview Jordyn Lynch, a student-athlete at Freehold High School. Jordyn is a junior and has been on the Varsity Cheerleading Team since her freshman year. She is very involved in the school, and I was able to ask her a few questions about her life as a varsity cheerleader.


Q: How do you manage your time with school and cheer?

 A: “I opted out of gym to take study hall, so it gives me more time to finish my schoolwork. Being able to take study hall allows me to be able to go to practice after school without having to stress late at night about my homework due the next morning.”

Q: What are you looking forward to, being that next year you will be a senior on the team?

A: “I look forward to being able to be a leader of the team and making the halftime dance for the season. I also look forward to being able to welcome all the new girls onto the team and create a close bond with each member.”

Q: What does a typical practice for the boro cheer team look like?

A: “We typically start off practice by running a few laps around the gym, then transition to stretching as a team. We then practice the cheers and band dances for the season, and once we finish that, we run through our halftime routine to prepare for our next performance.”

Q: What is your favorite part about the team?

A: “My favorite part about the team is being able to cheer on the sidelines at the football games with my best friends.”

Q: How would your coach and teammates describe you?

A: “My coach would say that I am a kind and passionate person who is always willing to step in as a leader and help any girl who is struggling. My teammates would say that I am a hard worker who never gives up on the team.”

Q: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from being on this team?

A: “The most important lesson I’ve learned from being on this team is teamwork makes the dreamwork! If me and the girls don’t always work together, our stunt would never hit. We always have to work with one another and not get frustrated so we can do all these cool stunts. The team always wants to look great at our performances, and we have to be able to cooperate with one another to look our best.”