Athlete Feature: Angelina Ciesnicki


Image courtesy of Olivia Edmonds

Interviewer: Good afternoon, I’m here today with Angelina Ciesnicki. Freehold basketball and softball player. Let’s start off with a reflection on last season.

Angelina: I would say that last year we put in a lot of work, and we fought hard in all of our games. We ended up winning 5 games, which is 5 more than the previous season. So there was an improvement, and we always tried our hardest.

Interviewer: So what impact would you say the freshmen last year had on the team?

Angelina: Yeah, I would say the four of us that played were very good additions to the team. I would say Sayuri Penaranda was a major contributor last season, she led the team in points, with 127. Juliet Fogel, Christina Sikaris, and myself all contributed as well. We played well together as a team and our game flow really benefited the team. 

Interviewer: Are there any returning juniors or seniors that you’re excited to play with?

Angelina: I’m excited to play with both Jules Manrique and Breanna Cies, who are returning juniors.

Interviewer: What do you have to say about the team’s chemistry and how you all get along?

Angelina: I would say we all get along well, we really have a lot of fun together. We work well together on and off the court. We didn’t win that many games last year but we made the best of it and always had a good time.

Interviewer: What are your predictions and aspirations for this year’s season?

Angelina: My prediction is that we improve from last year’s season, even if it means winning 6 games instead of 5. My aspirations would be to win at least games and gain a couple freshmen.

Interviewer: Are there any last words you would like to say?

Angelina: Go boro!