Student Spotlight: Maddy Thompson


Image by Emilee Bowers

This week I got the chance to interview student-athlete Maddy Thompson! She has been on the cheerleading team since her freshman year and she is a flyer. I was able to ask her some questions about being a varsity cheerleader. 

  • What has your favorite experience been on the Boro Cheer Team? 

“I love all of the team bonding we’ve had over the past year, the various fundraisers we have done, and being a flyer in a stunt group with some of my best friends.”

  • What are you looking forward to, being that next year you will be a senior on the team?

“I cant wait to be a leader for my team and welcome the new girls onto the team as a part of our family.”

  • How do you balance cheer, school, and life outside of Freehold Boro?

“As a cheerleader, I always try to keep school as my top priority and always make sure my work is completed on time so I have free time to myself.”

  • How long have you been a cheerleader?

“I’ve been cheering for 5 years. In addition to the school’s cheer team, I was also a competitive cheerleader at World Cup until I went into high school”

  • Who has helped you the most get through high school and be a successful student? 

“My friends have helped me achieve many accomplishments and conquer anything that comes in my way. They are always there to support me and know how to bring out the best in me.”

  • Even though you are only a junior, where are you looking at for college?

“My top school now is Rutgers, I plan to pursue a career as an orthodontist. I also want to be apart of the cheer team at Rutgers, if I go there.”

  • Since Halloween is coming, what is your favorite candy?

“Kit Kats!”