Senioritis is Real

Image by Emilee Bowers

Image by Emilee Bowers

By Emilee Bowers, Staff Writer

We all constantly hear the term “senioritis” thrown around when it comes to senior year. This occurs when seniors start to lose all of their motivation and put little effort into their schoolwork. We have severe procrastination and our attention spans start to dwindle. Once we submit college applications, one feels as if they don’t need to try anymore, and that senior year is just an excuse to “slack off”. Personally, senioritis hasn’t hit me yet – but for some people, it started even before the first day. Everyone is always so excited to reach senior year; they can’t wait to finally be the oldest students in the school. When this begins, they forget about everything else that comes along with being a student in high school.

Even though our college applications are starting to be submitted and we patiently wait for decisions, we have to prevent ourselves from slacking off. If our grades slip and we aren’t the person we proved to be on our applications, colleges can take our acceptances away. We want senior year to be a breeze and not have a worry in the world, but we also want to finish off high school on the right foot. Keeping deadlines in mind and doing your work as soon as you get it are ways to prevent senioritis from taking over. Have a schedule on your phone, or even a calendar, to help you stay organized and on top of your school work. 

This year’s seniors were also affected by COVID, which could possibly be another reason for our senioritis. Because of COVID, we’ve missed so many opportunities… but now that things are finally back to normal, we are trying to catch up on memories one last time before we all split up for college. Even though people might think graduation is guaranteed, we still have to put the effort in. Before we know it, graduation is right around the corner. Senior year isn’t over until we walk across that stage, and we have to put our school work first. Even though sometimes it might be hard, we can always find a way to make time for fun and academics.