The Nooks and Crannies of Freehold High School


Dating back to the 1920s, it’s no surprise that Freehold High School contains a vast variety of interesting yet overlooked areas. Here’s a list of some notable areas, from the most commonly known to the more obscure: 

1. Old artifacts on display

These areas are located in the A100’s hallway near the main entrance and in the B100s hallway near the science classes. These areas feature older artifacts relating to the school, such as textbooks, newspaper articles, student work, and more. 

2. The courtyard near the band room 

Although the senior courtyard in the middle of the school is the most well known of the courtyards at FHS, there’s a small but equally nice courtyard near the band room. It’s visible throughout the hallway connecting the auditorium/band hallway area with the B100s. It’s also open for seniors to eat lunch in during the warmer months. 

3. The closed in courtyards

Throughout the school, there are a few small, boxed in courtyards that have a rock covered floor. The only two that I’m aware of are between the library and the B100s hallway (the one with the smurf rock,) and the one connected to the East cafeteria. Students aren’t allowed to enter the courtyard visible from the B100s, but there’s a lunch table in the courtyard near the cafeteria which implies that entrance may be allowed. 

4. The stairs outside of the auditorium/the balcony

Although many people are aware of the stairs and even sit on them occasionally, almost nobody is allowed to go up them. The stairs lead to a balcony in the auditorium, and only members of tech crew are allowed to go there during theatrical performances. 

5. The basement/fallout shelter 

The entrance to the basement is located in the band hallway. The door is only accessible to adults who have a key to it, and entrance is typically reserved to students in clubs where the equipment for them is stored in the basement (such as tech crew, drama, and color guard). However, the only time students are allowed to go there is to help carry equipment upstairs. The shelter is also located somewhere in the basement and is currently being used for storage.