The Worldwide Addiction: Tik Tok

The Worldwide Addiction: Tik Tok

By Isabella Javier

The Basics

What was first known as in September of 2016, has become a top priority of fame for many teens 3 years later. Tik Tok is a lip-syncing app that allows you to create and post your own videos with the chance of being featured on the “for you” page, a page made of the most-liked videos. The for you page is where videos posted by Tik Tok users can be viewed by anyone who uses the app, resulting in thousands and possibly millions of likes. The “for you” page also alters what you see based on what Tik Toks you’ve liked in the past. Despite this, everybody who uses Tik Tok has once dreamt of being on the “for you” page as it is seemingly difficult. Whether it is comedic or to spread awareness, Tik Tok videos range according to category and interest. Beware of the Tik Tok dance or vocal trends as they could be spreading through your school this very moment. 

What Makes It So Entertaining?

One thing most Tik Tok users had to say about the app was how addicting and entertaining it is. Some people spend up to 2 hours or more scrolling through their “for you” page and even creating videos of their own. Being such a widespread app and reaching several parts of the globe, people can’t help but incorporate their input into the videos they make. Maybe it’s the drive of being on the “for you” page that keeps the app in business, but these Tik Tok users are taking over the world.