The Silent Patient


By Carol Graise, Staff Writer

What better time to snuggle up in bed and read a spooky story than now? October is the prime month to read psychological thrillers to put your brain into overdrive. 

Alex Michaelides’ The Silent Patient does just that.

The Silent Patient is about a woman named Alicia Berenson who is found guilty of murdering her husband. She has gone completely mute since the incident; the reason why is unknown. Some say it’s because of shock, while others say she has “a screw loose,” or that it was about time she went “insane.” Dr. Theo Faber, a psychotherapist, takes a particular interest in Alicia. He feels the need to save her and be the one to get her to talk. He takes readers on the journey of discovering why Alicia Berenson killed her husband and the cause of her sudden muteness.

Michaelides’ book is an absolute page-turner that will take you on a mind-twisting journey, and its unpredictable conclusion will leave readers perplexed. The Silent Patient is fast-paced, making it a quick but powerful read.