New and Returning Netflix Series


By Diya Sheegihalli , Staff Writer

Can’t figure out what to watch next? Here are some shows that you didn’t know came back on Netflix!


For all of those who “wolfed” You, the third season finally came out on October 15th. Joe finally meets his sociopathic match, Love, making this show way more chaotic and exciting than it was before. While the characters seem to be settled into a boring, suburban life, it’s clear that it won’t last long.

On My Block

The Netflix Original, On My Block, renewed for another season on October 4th! In season 4, we find the crew split apart after a falling-out over the Rollerworld money and a lot of miscommunication. Make sure to tune in since this is going to be the final season of this crazy rollercoaster!

Locke and Key

After almost a year and a half of waiting, Locke and Key has been “locked” in for another season! Season 2 will be coming out on October 22, in exactly one week. Season 1 was all about the kids finding out that they are the Key Masters and we can only imagine the adventure that is coming in this new season. Make sure to watch it!

Sex Education

Last but not least, Sex Education came out for its 3rd season on September 17th. After the lost voicemail in the season 2 finale, everyone has been on the edge of their seats trying to guess what’ll happen next. In season 3, you can expect several surprises and exciting events. Many teens find this show relatable, so be sure to catch the new season!

Hopefully, these shows can keep you guys entertained for a while. Enjoy!