Lessons Learned as a High School Student


By Sahaana Shastri , Staff Writer

The lessons you learn in high school are those you keep with you all your life. High School is the stepping stone for college. These 4 years can be amazing, but can also be hard. There isn’t any instruction sheet to life, that is something you make all by yourself. You make mistakes and learn from them. You take chances and see where it leads you. You never fully stop learning and I know that whilst being a junior. If you feel you’re lost and still don’t know where to go, don’t worry, you’re not alone. And it’s ok! Here are 5 main lessons that have helped me get through high school so far:

1. Focus on yourself– You are the best you, you can ever be. Don’t try to be like someone else. Find what makes you happy and what makes you who you are. You are amazing and even when you feel like you aren’t, just know that there are others who can relate and who can help you.

2. Don’t be scared of the future- Yes it is definitely intimidating to even try to think about yourself in a couple of years. But once you get there, a lot of pressure will start to lift off. You get a feel of what it is like to be independent and learn new things for yourself. Make your own decisions. Choose your own career path. Don’t think about the “what ifs?” Just go for it. 

3. Try New Things- I know that because we lost a year due to COVID, I had to try and go to every interest meeting for clubs. I joined 3 new clubs this year and even though it can be a lot, I’ve made so many new friends and I’ve learned so much. Also, these efforts go on college applications and they love to see it. You can also try volunteering at the food bank or the animal shelter. Even if it’s not for applications, it’s a new experience to help you feel good inside and gives you light into a new world. 

4. One bad grade won’t hurt you- I’m not saying don’t try. I’m saying that if you get a bad grade on one test, find a way to get your grade up. The work gets hard and the tests get harder. It’s understandable. Teachers always have extra help and will answer your emails for help at reasonable times. Some teachers do test corrections or makeups if you are unhappy with your grade. After tests there are usually projects or other work assignments to bring your grade up. Do your best on those and your grade tends to go up by so much. Don’t get discouraged from that one grade. If you tried and you studied and you know you did so much for that test, then you can not blame yourself. Just try again next time. It’ll be alright!

5. Have Fun!- You only get 4 years of high school before a whole new world comes into your life. It’s sad, but use those four years to the best of your ability. Go to those football games. Dance at homecoming and prom. Join all the clubs that you want. Make good friends. Select electives that you feel spike your interests. Dress in school spirit. There is so much apart from the work that you can do to enjoy these years. Do what makes YOU happy. Find that for yourself. Make yourself proud.

This is my guide that has helped me through some tough times when I needed it. Find yourself some lessons or tips that have helped you and write it down to always look back on. You’ve got this and stay motivated!