The D’Antonio’s Dog: Rocket


Rocket with his favorite toy!

Meet Rocket, the D’Antonio’s adorable dog!

This cutie is a Yorkie and is 5 years old. He was adopted in 2016 when Mrs. D’Antonio traveled all the way up to Brooklyn to get him and bring him back home as a surprise! He was named “Rocket” for two reasons: he was super fast when he was first adopted and originally had black and gold fur which reminded the family of Rocket from Guardians and the Galaxy! 

Everyone in the family loves the new fluffy addition, which is great because he loves the attention. Rocket is always ready for someone to cuddle with him and if you don’t give him the attention he wants, he’ll find his own way to get it from you. Rocket is loving and friendly with everybody! Even if he has already met them, he’ll get excited whenever he sees them again.

Here are some extra fun facts about Rocket!

  • His favorite food is cheese and his favorite toy is a whale plushie
  • Sometimes he sits on his back legs, like a human does!
  • He loves Liz!
  • During online school, Rocket would sit with Liz and fall asleep on her notebooks
  • “He just “isn’t capable” of doing tricks”, says Sophie D’Antonio
  • He likes to just sit on the couch, look out the window, and bark anytime anyone or thing passes by 

Rocket is definitely one of the most lovable dogs out there!