The Pets of Boro

By Emilee Bowers, Staff Writer

This week I interviewed fellow Colonial writer Dani Pont about her 2 dogs, Tommy and Luna!

  • How old are your dogs?

“Tommy just turned 11 in November and Luna is 4.”

  • What are their favorite toys?

“Neither of them are picky with toys. Right now, Luna is obsessed with a turkey plush that she got on Thanksgiving and Tommy has a blue, rubber bone that he goes back to every once in a while. Even though they have a ton of toys, they both LOVE dish towels! No matter which toy she has, Luna will always try and steal Tommy’s toy. We’re not sure if it’s because she actually wants it or just because she likes causing drama.”

  • Do they like to go on walks?

“They LOVE walking and playing outside! Tommy always barks at us to let us know he wants to go outside, and Luna usually just sits there until she hears the leashes or the front door open. Luna could walk outside for hours, but Tommy gets tired after a little while. If they’re playing outside, they both like to play fetch and sit in the sun.”

  • What kind of dog are they?

“Since they’re both rescue dogs, my family don’t know exactly what breeds they are. We think Tommy is a mix between a cocker spaniel and a yellow lab, and Luna is mostly black lab.”

  • Do they like playing with other animals?

“Tommy tolerates other animals, but he definitely likes human attention more. Luna is the complete opposite. She will try and play with anything she can, including squirrels, turkeys, and deer. We never let her, but she’s always hopeful that one day we’ll drop her leash during a walk so she can go play with any animals she may see.”

  • What tricks do they know?

“They both know sit, wait, stay, lie down, and okay/come. Tommy also knows ‘jump’ and ‘paw’, which basically means he’ll put his paw in your hand when you tell him to.”

  • What is one fun fact about your dogs?

“We have two dog beds, but they both have the same favorite one. Anytime Luna is on the bed, Tommy finds a way to trick her into getting off so he can steal her spot. That’s a pretty good summation of their relationship: Luna loves Tommy, and Tommy is not necessarily as kind to her.”

Image courtesy of Dani Pont
Image courtesy of Dani Pont