The Super Bowl? That Means Snacks!

Credit: jenifoto via Unsplash

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images/iStockphoto

Credit: jenifoto via Unsplash

By Sahaana Shastri, Staff Writer

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sport related celebrations in the US. It happens every year in the month of February. This year’s Superbowl is Sunday, February 13. Starting from the first Superbowl, this game has always been played on a Sunday giving it the popular name, “Superbowl Sunday.” For the first time, the Bengals and the Rams are playing against each other in this 2022 game. As it is such a celebration, it comes with parties, which means food! These parties can get creative or traditionally have the chips and dip. Here are some of the snacks hitting these parties in this big awaited game of the year:

  1. Loaded tater tot skewers
  2. Cheese and onion french bread
  3. Smash potatoes
  4. Classic pigs in a blanket
  5. Double bean nachos
  6. Avocado dip and tots
  7. French onion dip and bread
  8. Crispy mushroom sliders
  9. Ham and cheese sliders
  10. Football shaped bread bowl dip