New Cook in the Kitchen: Chef Hill


Image by Daniel Bradley via Unsplash

By Zachary Berger, Staff Writer

Herbert Hoover once advised that when fishing, one must be “patient and calm for no one can catch fish in anger.” This type of calmness is the one that new chef instructor Jeffrey Hill brings to the table.

But who is Chef Hill? 

Before coming into the district, Hill was a line cook, chef, executive chef, chef manager, and food service director. Of all the jobs he had, he had one that stood out as his favorite: “I liked being a food service director the most; it was a great experience. Keeping up with the new trends was challenging, but exciting.” 

Whether it be for fishing, hunting, watching his Steelers, or being a chef, passion is a definite ingredient that Chef Hill has in spades. When news broke that Chef Lee was leaving, questions surrounding his replacement spurred like wildfire between the culinary students. Chef Hill is coming in and is ready to enter the Freehold Boro faculty to make his own “grill” marks: “Replacing Chef Lee is impossible because he has his own style and I have my own. I place a lot of expectations on myself to teach students the proper ways of cooking.” Coming into Boro, Chef Hill wasn’t afraid to try anything or everything he hadn’t tried before.

Chef Hill’s career began at the Culinary Institute of America. He then worked at The Bluffs, Warren Hotel, Beach House Restaurant, and the Village Inn before opening his own catering company. Chef Hill also worked as a chef, chef manager, and food service director for Compass Group, and each position taught him a lot. He also shared his teaching experience before coming to FRHSD, which was an enjoyable time. So, when Chef Lee’s position was offered to him, he was excited to accept the job.

Chef Hill has a large range in the culinary world: “I have made everything from sushi, international favorites, American cuisine, to desserts.” When he isn’t cooking, he caters for weddings every Saturday from mid-May to mid-October. Hill also enjoys spending time with his family and traveling. If he were given the opportunity, he would like to take his students on a trip to Italy.

In the wise words of Julia Child, “To be a good cook, you have to have a love of the good, a love of hard work, and a love of creating.” Those are the ingredients that make the best recipe for success. Chef Hill from the moment you meet him, you will feel the love of the good, the hard work, and the creativity. Freehold High School hooked the right teacher to guide the culinary student body and bring an unforgettable experience.