“Don’t Worry Darling”: Is It Worth the Watch?


Image courtesy of Chukwudubem Echezona

By Chukwudubem Echezona and Krishna Patel

The controversy surrounding the psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling sparked widespread interest; social media platforms surged with critiques of the performance of lead actor Harry Styles, praise for lead actress Florence Pugh, and confusion about the plot of the film itself. Mixed reviews have many wondering whether or not the film is worth their time. We’re here to (hopefully) answer that question!


Many critiques of Harry Styles’s acting came from his fans; they claimed they couldn’t take him seriously, since they had never seen him play a villainous character. Critiques from the general public likely were a result of the simple fact that Styles was placed on screen next to Florence Pugh, who has far more experience in the acting industry. Next to her, he might’ve seemed much less capable of the role, but we believe that his performance was not nearly as bad as many made it out to be. Moments of desperation and joy from Styles really sell his character. His performance as Jack really contributed to the overall experience of the showcasing his potential for the future. 


Now, onto the film itself: it had great aesthetics, with beautiful cinematography and a haunting soundtrack. The captivating visuals held our attention throughout the entirety of the movie. We felt that the pacing of the film, however, is where it lost points. So much was revealed throughout the earlier parts, that when the grand reveal finally happened, it lost some of its shock factor. Don’t Worry Darling was only Olivia Wilde’s second feature as a director, which does explain why it may have felt choppy at some points, but it certainly. Wilde succeeded at creating an atmospheric tension that wouldn’t allow viewers to look away from the screen. Overall, though some pieces of the film felt as if they didn’t combine perfectly, it was still an enjoyable experience. Overall, Don’t Worry Darling is definitely worth watching, especially if you’re looking to get immersed into a new world.