Is Typing or Handwriting Better?


Image by Leanna You

By Leanna You, Staff Writer

In school and sometimes outside of school, we do a lot of writing. Whether it be handwriting or typing on the computer, we are always taking notes and doing work by writing. But there has always been a common question asked: which one is better? 

Most people answer this question by saying that typing is so much more convenient, making it the better way of writing. While I do enjoy handwriting sometimes, I have to agree; typing is so much faster – and it’s better for both the writer and the reader. Sometimes handwriting isn’t legible, which makes it more work for someone to read your writing. But what really seals the deal is that typing prevents grammatical and spelling mistakes much more reliably. 

People say writing by hand allows for more creativity and helps people practice writing legibly – especially since it is needed for signing official documents. But I have to say, barely anyone in the future uses their handwriting to get around. The most you’ll need to write by hand is your signature.

In the end, it all comes down to preference. Handwriting allows for a more personal/intimate connection between the reader and the writing; for example, hand-writing a letter to your parents. Typing, meanwhile, just doesn’t have that type of feeling. Both have their positives and negatives – but overall, I have to say typing is definitely way better than handwriting.