The School’s Photographers: A Highlight

On October 29th, 2021, two friends decided to make a photography account to highlight our school’s sports teams through pictures. Over a year later, they have grown to be an account with three friends running it, 600+ “fans”, and have produced over 16,568 pictures of the sports teams (yes, we counted)!

Last year, I decided to write about my friend Kieran McLean, who played soccer for our school, and needed a picture of him for that article. Instead of just asking him for a picture playing soccer, I decided to go to the game. I was also partially driven by the fact that it was “mandatory” for the Model UN officer to go.

Fast forward to after the game: I sat and went through my pictures and took a look at my work. I thought to myself, “Hey, these aren’t half bad. These could be useful for something.” So, after submitting my article and showing my friend Sam Ngo, I sought approval from our SECA at the time, Mr. Longo. Once I told him the idea, he was thrilled – and I ran off to make the account. Later in the year, Kylie Patmore joined us, as she came to the light side from the dark – otherwise known as coming back to Boro after being at Manalapan.

Today, we have grown our Instagram page to unimaginable heights. We have gotten to work with most of our school’s sports teams as well as non-profit organizations like Greamme Preston, and with the popular Instagram account @the.shore.savages. In honor of our one-year anniversary, here is a collection of pictures that we love:

All images by Kristen Tomazic, Kylie Patmore, and Sam Ngo