Top Winter Weekend Activities


Image by Dmitriy Zub via Pexels

By Martin Drutsko, Co-Editor

It’s a common belief that the only thing you can do in winter is stay home. While that is a valid thing to do, there are a plethora of fun activities to do in the winter, both indoors and outdoors. Instead of spending your winter in the most boring way imaginable, try doing some of these activities. 

Indoor activities: 

  1. Cook or bake somethingPreparing food is the perfect cozy activity to do at home, and it can be a very fun and easy pastime. There is also a vast variety of tasty winter recipes to try, from gingerbread cookies to minestrone soup. With so many recipes to choose from, there will always be something for everyone to enjoy. 
  2. Watch a movie or showThis is another cozy activity that you can do pretty much whenever you want. All you really need is somewhere to stream a movie or show and a place to enjoy it. However, you can make this even cozier by bringing pillows and blankets, and preparing snacks like hot chocolate or popcorn. 
  3. Catch up on school workObviously, this doesn’t sound like a fun activity. But if you’re planning on staying inside, you may as well get your school assignments over with. 

Outdoor activities:

  1. Watch or take pictures of the sunsetSunsets are always beautiful regardless of the season they occur in. However, since they happen earlier in the day during the winter, actually seeing them may be more convenient for some people. Winter sunsets are also especially beautiful when there’s snow. 
  2. Go ice skating. The colder weather gives people the opportunity to do activities that they can’t normally do in the summer. One of these activities is ice skating. Although it can be challenging, it can be a rewarding experience to learn how to ice skate, as well as a fun one. 
  3. Go to an outdoor light show. Going to an outdoor light show is basically like going to a park, except way cooler. Although many of these are held at night while it’s colder, it’s a perfectly enjoyable experience if you put on a warmer jacket and buy some hot chocolate or apple cider, which are both usually sold at these light shows. One of my personal favorite outdoor light shows is the “Night Forms” show at Grounds for Sculpture, which is located in Trenton. 

Outdoor activities if it snows:

  1. Go sledding. Unlike snowboarding or skiing, almost anyone can go sledding since it doesn’t require that much skill. All you really need to know is how to steer, which is pretty easy to learn. This makes sledding a fun winter activity for people of all ages. 
  2. Have a snowball fight with friends or family. This is another accessible yet fun activity to do when it snows, since all you need is some snow and people to throw snowballs at. Despite the simplicity of snowball fights, they’re a really fun way to spend a snowy day. 
  3. Build a snowman. This is an especially good activity to do if you have any younger relatives, but it can still be a fun and nostalgic activity to do even by yourself. 

An activity that can be done both indoors and outdoors:

  1.  Start a new hobby or improve your skills for a hobby you already haveWith many people choosing to stay warm inside over doing outdoor activities in the cold weather, they have more free time at home, making winter the perfect time to practice or learn a new hobby. However, this activity isn’t limited to only improving skills from the comfort of your home. Winter provides the perfect conditions for people to go skiing or ice skating, which are also fun activities to improve your skills in.