What to Watch This Spring


Image by John Mark Smith via Pexels

By Maddison Waitt, Staff Writer

Spring is a time when the flowers are blooming, and the end of the school year is just around the corner. Everything starts winding down as everyone prepares for summer. That being said, people have more free time, and with more free time comes a need for something to fill that void. A perfect solution is streaming a new show. Not only will this be an exciting new thing to explore, but it also helps to get your mind off the stress of finals. Lucky for you, a new season of Outer Banks just dropped.

This is now the third season of the infamous Netflix original series. Before the season even dropped it was confirmed there would be a fourth season. That alone proves how much viewers love this series. As can be assumed by the title, the show occurs in the Outer Banks, where a group of teenagers finds themselves getting into trouble while searching for lost treasure. If you’re looking for a show with daring plot twists, family drama, and out-of-this-world adventure, this is the perfect show for you. The show never fails to keep its viewers entertained, and because it was released on Netflix, it is easy to go back and watch old episodes. So whether you need a recap before watching the new season or you’re just joining the fan base now, it’s all there for you. And if it turns out to not be the show for you, no worries, just take a scroll on Netflix and you’re sure to find something that flips your switch