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Cindered Shadows: Meet the Ashen Wolves Part I

Photo Courtesy of Anum Farghani

   The students were rather too excited to explore Abyss. I didn’t really know why because Abyss seems like a dangerous area. Especially if they are going to find a chalice crafted by the goddess, I would anticipate other thieves or people wanting it too. And I don’t want them to mindlessly charge into an unknown place.

“Professor, let’s leave!” Hilda exclaimed. “We really want to see what Abyss is!”

I close my folder of work and get up. “Since when were you interested in such stuff?”

“Hey, Professor,” Claude says. “If Hilda is intrigued, I think it is worth investigating.”


“Right,” I laugh. “Are all of you ready? Torches, vulneraries, weapons…” 

“I did,” answers Ledle. “Let’s go, everyone,”

I decide if I should take the relic Archbishop Rhae allowed me to use…the Sword of the Creator. It was the relic wielded by Nemesis himself. I bear the matching Crest so I can use it to its full potential. But it also had terrifying power. A two-ranged sword that glows orange-red when it is with the person who has the matching Crest. But every relic also had the matching Crest stone in the middle of the weapon…yet the sword didn’t have its stone. It was kept in the Holy Maseoulem, in the casket of Saint Seiros but it was all very peculiar. 

Aside from that, I took the Sword of the Creator along with a silver dagger. We walked to the entrance to the underground, which was near the training grounds. Some of the Church of Seiros troops were lent to us if anything goes bad…I requested that of Archbishop Rhae. Lin lit the torch and handed it to me as I climbed down. Once I hit the floor, I heard a tiny splash, not surprising that this place would not have proper plumbing. I kept my guard with my sword and as the rest of the students and troops came down. The place was ominous…the brown rocky walls were so filthy. There were also random torches hanging on the walls too, but why? We begin walking within Abyss. The quiet atmosphere stirred a tense feeling inside of me. There were so many unnatural paths and some gates. It felt as though it was created for people to explore in. A lot of puddles of mysterious liquids were there, 

“Oh dear,” Hilda gags. “This place is…disgusting…”

Lin rolls his eyes. “It’s an underground area…what did you expect?”



“BAH!” Ashe screams. “W-w-what was that…” 

“This place is very echoey…it sounded like something close by fell.” Claude seemed unfazed. Though he started walking faster, his curiosity always gets the better of him. “Let’s see what it is.”

“Use caution, never know what could be down here,” Ledle warns. “Please don’t run off and get us into unnecessary danger too.”


With more walking, we saw the same repetitive walls, it felt endless. I was getting bored, but I didn’t want to disappoint the students. 

“We’re getting nowhere with this,” Lin groans.

Hilda complained too. “I’m tired, let’s go back…”

“No, no…” Claude dismissed. “Look, there’s an open gate…”

“If there is nothing there, we will leave.” I say. 


As we approached the strangely enough gate, we stood there for a bit. Why would someone leave it open? They are clearly asking for intruders to swiftly come in. 

“The students can come with me,” I tell the other Church soldiers. “Stay here, as we check out the area. Listen for other dangers…but I am giving you permission to come inside this area if any attack happens.” The troops nod and the students come with me. 


“Professor, are you OK?” Dimitri asks, 

“Hm? Yeah, I’m fine,” I partially lied.

“Really? You don’t seem-”

“I’m fine, please…don’t worry.” I interrupt. 

All of the sudden, a bolt of lightning struck a spot. 

“BAH!” Ashe screamed. 


The Church soldiers rushed in.

“Source of magic…” Ledle says. “Where has that come from…”


The gate closed, and I heard a clash of footsteps coming. The troops and my students gathered around me and we waited. A number of assassins and thieves crowded the entrance. But there was a distinct group of four people in the front lines. One of the people from that group steps forward…and comes closer to my group. I took out the Sword of the Creator to defend myself. 

“Let me confront them.” I walk forward. 

“Professor…” Dimitri tried to stop me by grabbing my shoulder. 

I pushed his hand away and ignored him. Once I saw the person…it was a guy, who looked no older than my students. He wore some sort of weird uniform. 

“So,” the guy says. “You’re the professor everyone has been talking about?”

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