Student Spotlight: Favor Adebanjo, Preparing for College in the Midst of a Pandemic

By Jordana Pont, Staff Writer

Juniors across the nation are under increased and unusual pressure this season. Usually students are preparing to take their SATs or ACTs, as well as thinking about their top choices for college. However, 2020’s challenging coronavirus has added to this stress. One of our staff members interviewed junior-year student at FHS, Favor Adebanjo, about how COVID-19 has impacted her academic year and her plans for college. 

 Junior year is said to be one of the most stressful and academically challenging years. Do you think that remote/hybrid learning has made your year easier, harder, or has it not had an intense impact?

“For every one person, they have experienced different challenges. However in my opinion, I believe that the coronavirus has both made my junior year easier and harder. It has made my junior year harder because the learning environment at home is so much different and we’re not used to it. Personally, I struggle a lot more in math this year because of remote learning. However, remote learning has also made this year easier because we are allowed to use a lot more resources and search anything up at any given time.”


In comparison to the experiences of others, do you feel essential components to making college decisions have been taken away? Specifically, the lack of in-person campus tours. 

“The coronavirus has taken a very big toll on students when it comes to future college choices because a lot of campuses have switched to virtual touring and you don’t really get the experience that you would if you were in person. Also when you’re in person, you get to experience the lifestyle of students who already attend the college, but at home all you can see are past pictures and past experiences.”

Does the fact that SATs and ACTs have been pushed back or canceled add stress to your daily life? How?

“For me personally, having the SATs and ACTs being pushed back causes a lot more stress because the deadline to choose which colleges you want to go to is fast approaching. Obviously the SATs are a big factor when applying to colleges and as the clock starts to countdown you really feel the pressure because you don’t know where you stand academically and if you are in the right caliber of the college of your choice.”


Do you have a way of eliminating stress caused by the coronavirus, and its impact on your academics? If so, can you share some?

“I do not have a way of eliminating some of the stress and uncertainty of the coronavirus because obviously no one can ever plan for these types of situations. However, all I can do now as a student is keep working hard, maintain good grades, and hope for the best.”


Has COVID-19 and how schools have handled it altered your view on certain colleges? Can you still see yourself attending colleges you considered applying to before the pandemic? 

“With the situation at hand, I believe schools and colleges handled it the best way that they could have. I would still love to attend the colleges I was thinking of before the pandemic hit but no one knows what the future may hold or what’s in store.”