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Bed Bugs in Paris

Image by Pixabay at Pexels

Paris, the city of love, has been recently facing a bed bug infestation and concerns are arising that the infestation may spread overseas. The concern first started arising before Paris Fashion Week as there were increased sightings of bed bugs in homes, hotels, cinemas, trains, hospitals, etc. ANSES reported that the increased bed bugs were due to the increase in tourism around the city, causing the bedbugs to adapt against chemicals that were originally used to destroy them. They stay in bed frames and mattresses and wait until the host is asleep before crawling up to suck the host’s blood. But what’s more terrifying is that they can stick to clothing and luggage, allowing them to travel the world, raising concerns about the Paris infestation spreading worldwide. 

Even with the bed bug infestation, it is still allowed to travel within and outside of Paris. Some precautions that may help to ensure that the bed bug infestation doesn’t spread to other countries, some suggested actions include:

  • Avoid putting your luggage on/near your bed.
    • An alternative option for this is to use the luggage racks provided by the hotel.
  • Separate your dirty and clean clothes (bed bugs prefer dirty clothes over clean clothes).
  • Keep your air-conditioning on as you sleep (bed bugs tend to thrive in temperatures of 70℉ to 90℉).
  • Wash all your clothes with hot water when you get home to kill any bed bugs that may be present.

If you plan to travel to Paris, be aware and stay alert of the pesky insects, but don’t forget to have fun. Safe travels!

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Niyati Batra
Niyati Batra, Staff Writer
Niyati Batra, currently a sophomore at Freehold High School, is looking forward to her first year at The Colonial. She is ready to cover diverse topics including food, music, pop culture, and so much more! Some of Niyati’s current hobbies include playing the piano, singing, and dabbling in coding. She also enjoys immersing herself into novels and poetry, and loves talking about the deeper meaning of things. She plans to major in Computer Science and graduate from a prestigious college.

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    Audrey hammonsMar 24, 2024 at 5:36 pm

    Software is about the best thing I found for him

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    Audrey hammonsMar 24, 2024 at 5:30 pm

    P do bed bugs don’t just come out at night anymore they come out during the day too and your little suckers bite dogs and humans and they hurt and make you miserable believe me I know I’m dealing with it I took over all the states I believe in towns they don’t know what to do about them anymore the only thing they know how to do is try to maintain them they don’t know what to give to kill them with all that hot water that heat that doesn’t really work it just maintains them for a while they’re driving us crazy I keep praying and hoping something else come up