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What to Use Instead of ChatGPT

Image by Mojahid Mottakin at Unsplash

As high school students, what do we do all day long? Work. We read, write, do math, science, history, and so on. Almost the entire day is spent on our Chromebooks working. After a while, this obviously gets tiring. So what do countless students do to eliminate the stress of all our daily work? They cheat using ChatGPT. ChatGPT is an AI tool that allows students to prompt any answer they could possibly need for their schoolwork. It can write essays, do AP bio, quote stories, and so much more. While this may sound like a magical resource for students, it’s not. ChatGPT is used to cheat and if students are caught using it for school, they will be punished. But what about those students who still need help and don’t know where to get it? Well, the perfect solution is here.

A new tool called MentoMind is here to help students use AI technology and personalized learning. While the site is designed to help students raise their SAT scores, it can be used for so much more! The site gives students lessons that include reading, writing, and math. Lessons are put into levels that go from Beginner all the way to Mastery. Lessons are even timed just like in your SATs! While you answer the questions, AI can be used to explain to you why different answers are right and wrong for the questions. But this site uses a close AI, meaning that your companion can only give you school-related information. He won’t give you information that is noneducational or random. He also wants to help you learn! Your bot won’t give you direct answers to the questions asked on your work, but will show you step-by-step how to solve them on your own.

But, let’s say you have difficulty learning when things are explained too plainly. Tell your AI companion! For example, if I said, “Explain this to me as if I’m a fan of soccer,” the bot will do just that! He may say something like, “Sure! Imagine you’re a fan watching a soccer match. The question is asking about honing knives on a stone wheel, which might not seem related to soccer at first. But don’t worry, I’ll explain it in soccer terms for you!…” As you can see, this site makes learning personal to you. Before you begin learning, the site allows you to take a quiz to see where you already are and may change its lesson plans based on your abilities.

Lastly, this site makes learning fun! MentoMind provides challenges meant to prompt students to do their lessons. These challenges are competitive with other people. You can do them with family, friends, or your AI companion. Your AI bot will often challenge you for reward points. You can accept or decline this offer, but if you accept you and your AI bot will race to answer questions. Luckily, your bot won’t do all the questions correctly in a matter of seconds. It will play against you as if it really is another person.

Image from MentoMind

In conclusion, don’t use boring, cheating sites like ChatGPT. Instead, use something fun and personal like MentoMind! This site makes learning fun, personalizes your lessons, prepares you for your real tests and SATS, and you must admit, the AI bot is pretty cute! 

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Cayden Jay
Cayden Jay, Staff Writer
Cayden Jay is a freshman at Freehold High School and is thrilled to be in his first year of The Colonial Newspaper. He enjoys writing about theater, science, and history. Cayden is going to be 6'2 so it really doesn't matter how tall he is now. Cayden is in Boro's Medical Science Magnet Program and loves topics such as raccoons, history, neurodiversity, theater, and Spider-Man. In the future, he hopes to become a pediatric psychiatrist.

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    reallyateacherDec 24, 2023 at 4:36 pm

    i am a teacher and i hate when my students use chat gpt but mentomind is so much better!! i am a teacher btw