The Must-Have Thanksgiving Dishes

By Sofia Stivale, Staff Writer

As we make our way to Thanksgiving, this year is looking a little different. Maybe it’s less family at the dinner table, zoom thanksgiving dinner or just an average year. Although it is looking very different, it does mean more time to make the best food yet, and maybe find a new tradition. Here are my top 5 favorite thanksgiving recipes, traditional and nontraditional. (click on the titles to get the recipe!)

1. Grandma’s Stuffing

Whether you love stuffing or not, this classic is an easy way to impress your family. I like to use this recipe! , but there are so many options out there with many different variations. I use this recipe, but I do add a bit extra broth for a less dry bite.

2. Easy *Smashed* Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are always amazing. In fact, I think potatoes are beautiful no matter how you are gonna cook them. Smashed potatoes are very similar to a mix between mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, and a crunch like a chip or a fry. If you couldn’t already tell, side dishes, to me, make up the best part of Thanksgiving dinner (besides time with the family of course!).

3. Dutch Apple Pie 

One of the best parts about the fall is apple picking and just eating the most amazing apples of the year. For years I have tried many different recipes for apple pie and this one has got to be my favorite, I have to restrain myself from eating it all in one sitting. I love to eat this pie warm with some vanilla ice cream. So good!!!!

4. Apple Pecan Fritters with Brown Butter Glaze

Ohmygosh. These apple fritters are my mom’s FAVORITE thing that I make. The brown butter creates a delicious glaze over the fritters. Although they are a bit tricky, the end result is worth the wait.

5. Homemade Pasta

My family has been making this recipe for years. Not only is it very simple, but it makes for a deliciously unusual Thanksgiving tradition. Considering the four ingredients needed for this recipe, it is a simple way to have a fabulous meal from scratch. My mom likes to make a homemade sauce with this one, but any kind of sauce pairs perfectly with this simple dish!