How To Make a Difference During Breast Cancer Awareness Month


By Jordana Pont, Staff Writer


Every year, Boro Fights Cancer raises money to help fight different types of cancer. During the school year, club members, advisors, and officers continuously fundraise in order to make a difference. The club’s drive and dedication towards raising money for cancer treatment, research, and overall desire to make a change is what makes Boro Fights Cancer such an important part of the school community.

Throughout the month of October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the club holds extra fundraisers as a way of showing support and contributing to the important cause. This year, Boro Fights Cancer will be selling socks, masks, and popcorn and generously donating the profits to multiple organizations. The socks sell for $10 and come in two colors and sizes: medium in the color pink, and large in the color black. These socks are perfect for sporting events, or adding a pop of color to any outfit while simultaneously showing support for such an important cause. Considering COVID-19 is still something that affects so many people, the $5 pink masks being sold are a perfect way to make a difference while protecting yourself and others. The last option for the month of October is to purchase popcorn via a student’s Double Good shop, where 50% of the profit goes directly to an organization of the club’s choosing. Popcorn sells from $18-$59 and is definitely worth the price!

As important as it is to donate to cancer institutions year round, everyone can make a difference this October by buying socks, masks, or popcorn from a Boro Fights Cancer club member! Not only does this money go towards a good cause, it also has the power to change someone’s life. Make a difference by donating during Breast Cancer Awareness Month!