About Time: Movie Review

About Time: Movie Review

About Time


Time travel movies are classics, yet some productions do not give the idea of time travel justice. But, a movie that does exceed expectations is titled, About Time, released in 2013, starring Rachel McAdams, and Domhnall Gleeson. This film is a drama-filled comedy with immaculate storytelling, leaving the audience emotional and wanting more. The romance is about a man who is able to time travel to different moments of his life and change them. Throughout the story, the protagonist, Tim, uses this ability multiple times which does not always end up in his favor. 

Like the time he ended up changing the sex of his baby.

This film is greatly executed mainly due to its characters. Not only are they lovable and flawed, but their actions are also relatable and natural. The movie has a nice flow to it and the time travel aspect does not burden the entire film. In this movie, time travel is used as more of a character than as a plot. Rather than going too in-depth about the mechanisms of time travel, all the movie states is that it is a genetic trait. This detail should be seen as a major pro, as the movie does not confuse the audience with science jargon and wastes time unnecessarily decreasing the movie’s natural mood. 

As stated earlier, one of the great things about this movie is the characters. The movie is character-based and works to develop each character slowly and logically. For example, at first, the protagonist, Tim, is working to get a girlfriend, but by the end of the movie, he is trying to figure out how to be a better father and brother. Although this description of Tim sounds like his evolution should take a long time, but it doesn’t; the movie is able to achieve this in about two hours. This aspect leads to another pro of the movie, being timing. Timing is important in all movies, and its use in this movie is exceptional. The movie goes slowly at first, taking thirty minutes to go through exposition, but it soon speeds up and becomes very engaging.  

In all, this movie is a masterpiece of drama. It tells the story of a simple guy who wants a girlfriend and soon includes a major twist that throws the audiences, and the characters themselves, off-balance. The story does an extraordinary job at character building and timing, along with beautiful visuals and motifs. This movie will leave you feeling good, excited, and sad all at the same time. Don’t wait to watch it, it’s on Netflix!