Spring Fashion 2022


Photo by Charles Fair via Unsplash

While we all bundle up against the frigid air and snow of mid January, many of us long for a warmer, sunnier day- 0ne in which we can swap bulky sweaters for t-shirts and dresses. While we wonder about these days that seem so far away, what can we predict about fashion this spring? 


After a long winter of gray colors, the melting of snow means the pop of bright colors, such as green, blue, and pink! Spring fashion includes these colors in lighter shades to reflect the plants growing around us, and are able to invoke feelings of vibrancy and hope. You can expect to see a lot of pastels this spring!


Warmer weather and melted snow also represent the growth of flowers such as cherry blossoms and tulips. As we look forward to seeing these beloved flowers grow, they appear on our clothing items as well. Many sweaters feature colorful flowers to show they’re blossoming, and we can expect to see a lot of these this upcoming spring!


Springtime also means that we can swap bulky coats and warm pants for dresses and skirts. Warmer weather allows for dresses to be paired with cardigans and light jackets that add color and patterns to any outfit. We can expect to see a lot of dresses this spring!