Tom Brady, Retired?


Image by Melissa McGovern via Unsplash

By Sahaana Shastri, Staff Writer

Tom Brady, the original Patriots player, winning 278 games, and throwing 258 touchdowns, has officially retired. After losing his game with the Bucs after not making it into the 2022 Super Bowl, he decided to leave the NFL in order to make more time for himself and his family. Brady has been in the NFL for almost 22 years. He was first drafted into the New England Patriots in 2000 when the team was slowly falling downhill. Then, in 2020, he made his switch to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he played as their quarterback; they soon got into the Super Bowl and won. 

Tom Brady was known all around the world. When first drafted, the Patriots didn’t need another quarterback, as they already had three; however, when he joined, the team found themselves winning more games. In his career, he gained popularity and grew his family in the process. Unfortunately, with all celebrities and players comes controversies; for instance, in 2014, he dealt with the issue that he had ordered the deflating of the football so that it would be thrown further. This issue was in the minds of several people for years, causing him to lose a few fans, even when it was revealed that nothing had happened. In the end, this man held his ground and stayed strong through it all. 

Soon, he became a crowd favorite; many audiences were heartbroken to see him leaving since he had made such an impact– he had won 7 super bowls in his amazing career, after all. When the team seemed like it was about to lose, Brady stepped in and turned the game around– so quick, they would end up winning. As he felt it was a tough decision, like most, he’s starting to build upon more of his brands. On the other hand, several believe that his retirement is fake, that he was forced to do so, or that it’s a stunt. Yet, from the player himself, Tom Brady had made his decision and will be staying with it, and assured his fans that he will always be there.