Bridgerton Season 2

Official poster for Bridgertons second season

Official poster for Bridgerton’s second season

Netflix’s Bridgerton is an adaptation of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton novel series. When the television series first came out in 2020, it grew quickly in popularity, and even more so this year with the release of its second season. Although both seasons have eight episodes that are each roughly an hour-long, they can be easily binge-watched due to the drama and thrill that come from the series. Bridgerton is rated TV-MA (not recommended for viewers under the age of 16-17), but if you are a fan of romance, drama, family, and friendship, this show may interest you. Currently holding the #1 spot on Netflix’s Top 10, Bridgerton’s second season was highly anticipated after the release of its trailer on March 9th, leaving a little over two weeks before the episodes were aired. 

The first season was focused on the oldest of the eight Bridgerton siblings, Daphne. In the second season, however, the storyline focuses on the second sibling, Anthony Bridgerton. If the Netflix series continues to follow Quinn’s eight books, each of the Bridgerton siblings will get a season, putting their written love stories into a visual perspective. Fans of the show hope for news on a third season that will follow the story of the third oldest Bridgerton, Benedict. In the meantime, viewers are just left to keep rewatching the episodes and reading the books.