Upcoming Haunting Horror Films


Image by Thirdman via Pexels

Spooky season is rapidly approaching – and while the leaves are falling and the nights are growing, new horror films are getting released every day. Here are some of the upcoming movies that will make your night scary and your sleep schedule scarier! 

  1. Smile (9/30/2022) – Dr. Rose Cotter begins having terrible experiences that she cannot explain after seeing a strange, horrific incident involving a patient. Rose must face her troubled history in order to leave her terrifying new world as an overwhelming horror starts to take over her existence. This movie has been described by many horror lovers as a great one, with original plot twists and mind-melting jumpscares. 
  2. Pearl (9/16/2022) – Pearl is confined to her family’s remote farm, where she must take care of her dying father while her devoted mother keeps a stern and domineering eye on her. Pearl’s ambitions, temptations, and repressions all clash horrifyingly as she strives for a more glamorous existence. This movie serves as a prequel to X, providing a backstory to the antagonist. 
  3. M3GAN (1/23/2023) – A roboticist creates a lifelike doll that is preprogrammed to form a bond with her recently abandoned niece, but the robot develops aggressive overprotective tendencies toward its new friend. A horrifying twist on a classic plot, this movie is sure to add a frightening atmosphere to your Halloween night.
  4. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (10/05/2022) – Craig, a young, isolated boy, befriends an ailing billionaire named John Harrigan, with whom he becomes close over the years – so close that when the new iPhone comes out, he buys Harrigan a phone. Afterwards, when Harrigan dies and Craig is struggling to find a source of comfort in his troubled life, he turns to Mr. Harrigan’s contact number, but soon finds it has horrific and unforeseen consequences. 

Whether you’re looking for a hair-raising movie to watch with friends, or a haunting way to spend your Halloween nights, these movies will be sure to leave you satisfied (or deathly scared). Just make sure you don’t think about it too much before bed, or the next Halloween story might be yours!