Taylor Swift and the Music Industry


Image by Raphael Lovaski via Unsplash

In the 2019 Netflix documentary, Taylor Swift reflects on her career so far and at one point declares, “[Lover] is probably my last opportunity to grasp onto that kind of success…” It came at a point in her career where she is almost 30 and feels she doesn’t have many chart-topping, record-breaking albums left until the industry moves on from her. 

Now, three years later in 2022, her newest album “Midnights” has broken incredible records. To name a few: Taylor Swift is the only artist in history to have five albums that sold over 1 million copies in one week; she is the only artist to ever debut a song at No. 1 and an album at No. 1 simultaneously four separate times; and she also is the female artist with the most weeks at number one on Billboard 200. There are over 50 more records that “Midnights” has already broken in just the first week of its release, the most impressive being a historic Top 10. Taylor Swift is the first artist in history to claim all 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart top 10 spots. All ten of these tracks are from the 13-track album, the other three songs off “Midnights” are all in the Top 50.

Leading off this hype and success Swift dropped two music videos for the visual album with potentially one more still to come and also had a chaotic extra seven tracks released at 3 AM after the Midnight release.

The most recent news pertaining to Swift is that she will be touring the US from March of 2023 to August and will be releasing the dates of the international legs of the tour very soon. Announcing the tour as “The Eras Tour” has had her fanbase in a scramble trying to figure out how she will be fitting sixteen years’ worth of projects into one setlist. There are also fans speculating about what this means for Swift’s re-recordings, the “Taylor’s Versions.” Will she be attempting to own all the masters for the remaining four she has yet to re-release before March? No matter what she does the campaign is already set to be a success building on such a massive career.

It is safe to say that Swift’s album, “Lover” was not her last chance for success as she thought it would be and she continues to reach new career highs.