Hello, Goodbye: Fashion Trends On the Move


Image by shattha pilabut via Pexels

It’s 2022, and fashion trends haven’t been this fun in a while! We are getting the pop of the early 2000s giving us color, sparkle, and a sense of uniqueness. The 2010s have been a rough decade (fashion-wise), and saying our final goodbyes to certain trends have never been so relieving. 


Good riddance to:

  • Skinny jeans
  • baggy jeans/loose-fitted jeans>>>
  • Tunics
  • Unsustainable clothing
  • Saving the environment is the hottest trend of 2022!!
  • Midi skirts
  • Camo print
  • All here for prints, but camo has been overused way too much! We need something new.


Hello to:

  • Leather jackets
  • we love staying warm and fashionable with leather jackets!!
  • Matching sets
  • coordinated and put together? YES
  • Mini skirts
  • Y2K is making its comeback this year
  • Denim
  • especially low-rise skirts and jeans
  • Vintage clothes
  • thrifting is one of the coolest ways to find unique pieces of clothing
  • Corsets
  • fitted and slayful!!
  • we are saying GOODBYE to neutral colors and saying HELLO to bright colors