Top 5 TV Shows of 2022


Image by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi via Pexels

Whether you’re interested in horror or comedy, or a little bit of everything, you know that 2022 was a year of expansion in the film industry. Here are some of the top TV shows released this year!

5) Wednesday (released November 23, 2022) – Wednesday Addams spends her years as a student trying to control her developing psychic gift so she can stop and solve the mystery that has her parents up in arms. A detective story with supernatural overtones that follows Wednesday Addams’ time at Nevermore Academy.

4) Abbott Elementary – In a public school in Philadelphia, a group of committed, passionate teachers and a principal with a tendency to lose their temper are forced to work together. Despite the challenges they face, the teachers are determined to help their children succeed in life.

3) 1988 – A group of immigrants from various origins travel to New York from Europe in 1899 in pursuit of better possibilities. The passengers are united in their excitement about what the future holds until they come across another migrant ship drifting on the open sea in the year 1899, just before the turn of the new century.

2) The Peripheral – Lynne (Moretz) and her brother Burton (Reynor) administer the “security” in cyberspace for online gamers, making a meager life in a near-future America. When Flynne is asked to test out a new VR interface, she becomes involved in a murder plot that turns out to be less “virtual” than she initially thinks.

1) Black Bird – James Keene, a fallen hero, and his journey to freedom and redemption are the subjects of Black Bird. The six-episode limited series is dramatized to appeal to our senses and is based on a true story.