A Scoop on Our School’s Cell Phone Discussions


Image by Jess Bailey Designs via Pexels

By Jordana Pont, Staff Writer

Earlier this month, Freehold Boro High School Administration rolled out a new way to tackle the ongoing cell phone usage issue: Circle Discussions. During first and second blocks on C-Day, 30 minutes were dedicated to teachers giving students a refresher on the Freehold Regional High School District’s Cell Phone Policy. After rereading the policy, the floor was open for discussion on how the Administration can make successful changes. 

As technology advances and students get their hands on new devices, cell phone usage continues to create distractions for both teachers and students. Students pull out their phones in the middle of class, immediately disregarding any previously established respect for their teachers. Along with openly disrespecting their teachers and classmates, students tend to miss important parts of the lesson because they cannot pull themselves away from their screens.  While the use of cell phones hurts students, teachers’ responses are not helpful in encouraging them to put their phones away. Often, teachers are quick to yell at students who are on their phones, no matter the reason. 

While there is no perfect solution, the Circle Discussion was not the answer. Reading the District’s Cell Phone Policy to students reminded them of the rules, but many schools have let cell phone usage slide for too long, making it harder to eliminate the distraction and disrespectful behavior that comes with it. Teachers and students should work collaboratively, offering rewards for staying off of phones or giving students a certain amount of “phone-time” at the end of class, in order to try and lessen the impact of cell phone usage in school.