Keep Busy This Summer!


Image by Justus Menke via Pexels

Even though summer may seem like a long way off, before you know it school will be out! With that in mind, here are some of the coolest ways to stay entertained and make the most of the warmest months.

  • Fruit Picking – In the summer, many fruits are in season like blueberries, strawberries, and peaches. Most farms are opened for people to come pick their own fruits. It’s a great experience and you get fresh fruit!
  • Visit the Beach – It’s not officially summer if you haven’t visited a beach yet! Along with going to the beach, you could also visit the boardwalk. A classic summer activity!
  • Picnic with Friends – The weather is nice and it’s a great way to bring friends together. It doesn’t need to be fancy either! A cute and fun way to hang out with your friends!
  • Bake/Cook – Make something new! Start on a new recipe you’ve been wanting to work on! Try new cuisines! Use your imagination and creativity to spice things up!
  • Host a movie night – Binge watch your favorite movies with your friends/family. Always an easy and fun activity for the summer. 
  • Plant something – You might end up liking it in the end. It’s a slow process but when you see that seed you once planted, grow into something, you’ll be excited! It’s a good way to help the planet and you could grow something beneficial to you.
  • Camping – Great weather for camping. Have fun in nature! You may get to see small things you’ve never noticed before. Pitch a tent and make s’mores!
  • Summer Concerts – There’s always something going on near you! Check for local concerts, they’re usually free/inexpensive. Experience something new!