School Spirit


photo by: NicePNG

By Jordana Pont, Staff Writer

One of the most important parts of any school experience, specifically high school, is school spirit and how students are able to show their love for the school. Events that thrive off of school spirit, such as Battle of the Classes, Spirit Week, and overall showing pride at school, are part of what shapes a school’s atmosphere and how students feel about their school. Unfortunately, Freehold High School lacks in the spirit department. 

As a result of the pandemic limiting many of the activities that students were able to participate in, school spirit has dramatically decreased in the past few years. One of the biggest ways of showing school spirit, Battle of the Classes, has been put on a temporary pause since 2020, meaning three out of the four grades at Freehold High School have never experienced it. Along with this, there have been a limited amount of Spirit Weeks over the past few years, and many students felt that the one that took place a couple of weeks ago was not as successful as it could have been. Students want to be able to show their love towards their school, and feel that more creative Spirit Week themes that are more inclusive and give more students an opportunity to participate in are necessary. Students are longing to see activities throughout the school year that will allow them to show off their Boro Pride in new, creative ways.

It is crucial, especially in the final stretch of the school year, that students can show their appreciation for the school that will provide them with four years worth of memories. School spirit is one of the most important aspects of the school year as it allows the student body to let loose and show off their Boro Pride in ways that are different and more expressive than their daily spirit. Along with that, school spirit gives students an opportunity to de-stress and not focus on the amount of school work they have to get done, but rather a fun spin on how to approach the school day.