The Ventriloquist


Image by Desertrose7 via Pixabay

By Jillian Butch, Staff Writer

Don’t let the bright smile and contagious laugh fool you

It’s really demons maiming a girl to be a ventriloquist

The act is fantastic

People love it

But when the curtains close

And the lights go out

The ventriloquist is left alone

With nothing giving it life

It is left only to be paralyzed by its own thoughts 

The only time the ventriloquist may move

Is when it’s time to put on another show

And these demons are brilliant directors

They make people laugh and smile

Feel comforted and recognized

And even special


The demons are noticing the ventriloquist is beginning to decay

Its eyelashes are starting to become white from stress

Its body is damaged with scars

The screws in its knees are loosening

Its hair is falling out in clumps

Its smile is fading

It’s struggling to stand

And it’s losing the voice that the audience loves to hear

The demons don’t care though

The show must go on

…Until they find another ventriloquist that is

They’ll continue to wear out this one until it is rendered useless

When its last performance has ended

And it is no longer of use to anything

Or anyone

It will rot alone

In a dark room


And forgotten