The Light That is Far Away

Diana Sandoval, Staff Writer

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Things are looking up
The brightest light that is not so far
See how much distance there is left
It is still a long way from where you’re standing
But it’s a start.
It’s a long trip from here
But for some reason
When you find yourself within the grasp of the light
And reach out and seize it
Something unexpected happens,
You fall.
You fall so far that the light is no longer there
And you start losing what’s surrounding you
You can’t even think straight anymore
Everything disappears
You can’t even see anything anymore.
Another light appears
It’s a strange small light
Not like the one from before
but you follow it anyway
Where does it lead to?
It flickers now and then
And you worry that it will go away
You worry so much that you run straight towards the light
Like a spoiled child who wants everything for themselves
You grab the light and it suddenly widens.
You’re standing in a strange new world
Colors are splashed all around you
Everything is so beautiful
Many colors return to your sight
And warm tears fall off your face.
You never think of crying for such a simple reason.
It’s an amazing sight.
Never before,
Would you think that something like this would make you happy.
Sadly, like all flickering lights
They start to disappear.
You knew from the start,
That the light was not meant to stay forever.
You can’t help but feel powerless
As you see everything fading again,
All the colors you won’t see again.
You are back to where you started
Where nothing has changed,
At least, if you can tell.
That is why that other light, the brightest light
Is different compared to other flickering lights
It does not flicker
Nor does it disappear from your grasp
It stays right where it is
And the only problem is
Avoiding the holes that have caused you to fall in the first place.
The light is not far away
Bit by bit
You start to see the light once again and you start heading towards it.
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